Jennifer J. Yadav
Actress, Singer, Dancer, Voiceover Artist, Writer, Teacher, Instructional Designer
Actor & Voiceover Reels

Jennifer Yadav Commercial Voiceover Demo Reel

Jennifer Yadav Actor Reel

Jennifer Yadav Comedic Monologue
from A...My Name is Alice
by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd

Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Act I
starring Jennifer Yadav and Richard Ditta
written by Neil Simon
filmed and edited by Dan Simon

A View from the Bridge
starring Jennifer Yadav and Bryan Essing
written by Arthur Miller
performed at Simon Studios Winterfest

A Streetcar Named Desire
starring Jennifer Yadav and Karen Goldfarb
written by Tennessee Williams
performed at Simon Studios Winterfest

Tea and Sympathy
starring Jennifer Yadav and Robert Shryock
written by Robert Anderson
performed at Simon Studios Winterfest

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